X-Rock Legends of Rock Tournament

SPORTS… has been cancelled!  Which is a bummer, but necessary, under the current circumstances.  So, we thought we might help provide a little levity during a trying time and present to you the X-Rock Legends of Rock Tournament!  It’s your chance to listen, on the air or online, and follow along on Facebook, voting for your favorite classic rock bands as they match up in a field of the 64 Legends of X-Rock 103.9!  As you vote, each match-up represents one band that will be eliminated, and another that will move on, vying for the title of 2020 X-Rock Legends of Rock Champion!  We’ll post three to four match-ups per day on Facebook, with bands seeded by our X-Rock staff, just like the tourney we’re missing on TV right now.  So, follow along with us and support your favorite classic rock bands by voting in each matchup as the tournament moves on!  Meanwhile, we’ll keep you up to the minute on all the local news and information you need!  It all starts Monday morning, March 23rd on the Rock of the Region, X-Rock 103.9!