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Steve’s another one of those “Walking Rock Encyclopedia” types around here.  We get into such deep classic rock discussions around the watercooler, and Steve usually starts them.  If you catch him at a station event, talk to him about the great concerts he’s seen through the years.  He’s seen just about everyone, sometimes over in Europe where Steve went to high school.

Steve Zana’s: Ten Albums I Love That You’ve Never Heard

1.      Simplicity – Tim Curry.
2.      Minimum Wage Rock & Roll – The BusBoys.
3.      Get Happy – Elvis Costello
4.      Live in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – Elton John.
5.      The Wild Places – Duncan Browne.
6.      Welcome to the Canteen – Traffic.
7.      Run Devil Run – Paul McCartney.
8.      Stephen Stills Live – Stephen Stills.
9.      At the Chelsea Nightclub – The Members.
10.     Urgh! A Music War – Soundtrack