Valparaiso’s Transit Connect Takes Riders to South Shore Line

In Valparaiso, there’s a new bus route that’s been taking riders to the South Shore Line every day. South Shore Transit Connect runs between Valpo’s Transit Center on Brown Street to the South Shore’s Chesterton Dune Park Station six times daily. The new service began two weeks ago, on August 1st and will be offered free through October 31st. On November 1st, it’ll cost one-dollar. The complete Transit Connect schedule is available online at this link  —

Transit Connect, which provides late-morning-midday and evening and nighttime service to the Dune Park Station, and the opportunity to travel west to Chicago or east to South Bend via the commuter rail, is the newest addition to Valparaiso’s transit offerings for city and Region residents. Valpo’s commuter bus service to Chicago, the ChicaGo Dash, just recently added a fifth bus with earlier departure times to and from Chicago.