Valparaiso to Launch Recycling Education Campaign

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In Valparaiso, the city is launching an education campaign reminding the community about what and how to recycle. “We have heard from the community that they want Valparaiso to continue curbside recycling efforts. To reduce waste and maximize efficiency, we’re sharing tips to make us all better recyclers,” said Valparaiso Mayor Matt Murphy. The recycling education program will include direct mail, email, video, social media and web presence. The City of Valparaiso is funding the education program with support from a grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management as one of 16 grant recipients for 2022. “We learned that people nationwide are puzzled about things like whether they can recycle pizza boxes or yogurt cups. And we learned that adding trash to a recycling bin can contaminate the whole tote, undoing all of the good intentions. Sharing the DOs and DON’Ts helps us all,” said Murphy. For more information about the City of Valparaiso’s Trash and Recycling Program, including dates for bi-weekly recycling pick-ups and what to recycle, visit .