Valparaiso Completes New Strategic Plan

In Valparaiso, Mayor Matt Murphy says the city has completed a new strategic plan, making the announcement at this week’s City Council meeting. “A strategic plan is a valuable tool to help us align our priorities and resources to ensure we’re working toward common goals,“ Murphy said. “I look forward to navigating the road ahead with this map to guide us on the journey ahead.” It was created after reviewing previous plans and studies then reaching out to the community for input through Zoom meetings and an online survey, which drew 560 community-wide responses. Seven priorities emerged: Public Safety, Infrastructure, Quality of Life, Recreation, Fiscal Health, Operational Improvements, and Business. The Mayor’s Office also said the strategic plan provides ways for the City’s leadership team and community to evaluate progress, with many action steps already in progress. “Certainly, we have been moving forward and making bold steps already since 2020. While the pandemic has tested our team and our city, I’m proud to say that we’ve weathered this challenge together. Not only have services continued uninterrupted, but we’ve kept moving forward. Last year saw record roadway improvements, we merged our Public Works and Utilities departments to create a unified and efficient City Services department and we advanced our city’s safety resources. This strategic plan helps us to continue on our positive path,” said Murphy. An overview can be viewed at the city’s website,  .