Town of Merrillville to Host Regional Job Fair

The Town of Merrillville will host a regional Job Fair today, Wednesday, July 14, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Dean and Barbara White Community Center on Broadway. A news release says the event has attracted 48 area companies who are looking to fill a variety of jobs in the region from the trades, distribution, medical, food workers, health care, schools, police departments, utilities, restaurants, manufacturing, grocery store, and auto dealerships, and US military jobs are also available. The town says the job fair is for the entire region, not just for Merrillville residents, and all will be welcome to participate in the event.

“We’ve just been overwhelmed by the response and the variety of wonderful area companies who will be participating” said Pat Reardon, Merrillville’s Town Manager. “With almost 50 companies representing a wide variety of jobs available in the region the opportunities are endless for someone seeking employment”, he added.

“We are hopeful that this event will assist residents in the area to find jobs that are available right now”, said Town Council President Rick Bella, “The Dean and Barbara White Community Center is the perfect venue to host this event and we are appreciative of the top-notch companies who are participating”.

“This event allows the town to come full circle with companies who have invested in our area. It allows us to think about economic growth from the planning stage, groundbreaking, building, and now assisting with staffing of great companies that have chosen our region to locate”, said Shawn Pettit, Ward 6 Town Councilmember and President of the Merrillville Redevelopment Commission.

A list of participating companies is available on the Town’s website and Facebook page.