Shared Electric Scooter Company Bird Ride Brings E-Scooters to Gary

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In Gary, Mayor Jerome Prince has announced shared electric scooter company Bird Ride is bringing e-scooters to the city. Initially they’ll be available in the Miller and University Park neighborhoods. They’re available thru a mobile phone app and riders pay to use them per minute. “We’re excited to welcome Bird to Gary, and we look forward to seeing our residents enjoy these e-scooters around town,” Mayor Prince said. “They’ll make a great addition to our community, and it’s a fun, environmentally friendly way to link our neighborhoods.”

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“I’ve seen Bird e-scooters in other cities, and they’re a great way to help us Re-Imagine transportation options for our residents,” said Mayor Prince. The company plans on offering e-scooters to residents and visitors in order to help reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion on roadways.  A news release also said a special community pricing discount program is available for those who qualify, and free rides for healthcare personnel and emergency personnel, two free 30-minute rides a day for as long as it takes to help communities to recover from the global health crisis.