Porter County Recycling District to Host First Reuse Fair

Non-profits and schools are encouraged to register for the Porter County Recycling and Waste Reduction’s first Reuse Fair happening in September.  The event seeks to connect people with useful things they’re looking for that would otherwise be thrown away.  You can hear more about the event at News Audio on Demand here at our website and via the link at Regionnewsteam-dot-com.

“Reuse fairs are popular in Canada,” said Donna Stuckert, public education coordinator for Porter County Recycling. “The idea is to develop and advertise an extensive wish list for participating organizations and schools who want specific items and have a day where the public brings them in.”

For instance, she says participants could be seeking out items like office supplies or materials for crafts and projects, including buttons, shoe boxes, dishware, keys, cans, old jewelry, magazines, and milk jugs. Other organizations may want things like games, blankets, sheets, t-shirts, coats, books or stuffed animals.

“We are promoting reuse,” Stuckert said. “It saves organizations money, diverts items from landfills, and gives people a reason to clean out clutter and pass their items along to others who want them.”

She said her organization has already started an online list for the event, as it is looking for used Halloween costumes, clothing hangers and racks for an upcoming costume swap.
Organizations and schools interested in participating can visit www.PorterCountyRecycling.org and register their wish lists.

“We hope to be able to start advertising the wish list in the middle of next month,” Stuckert said.