NIRPC Says E-Commerce Booming in Northwest Indiana

While COVID-19 has adversely affected public safety, jobs, schools, hospitals and small businesses, one area that has boomed under the virus is e-commerce. Shopping online and accessing services via computer has accelerated significantly, according to the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission. A new report suggests the shift in how consumers are making purchases has resulted in a twelve-percent decline in shopping trips and a closure of nearly twenty-eight-percent of stores that sell consumer electronics. The same study also predicts a forty-percent increase in urban freight, as more and more region citizens are ordering products online to be shipped to their homes. The report, entitled “E-Commerce in Northwest Indiana” also makes recommendations on how to adapt to the new environment, and how investments in transportation connectivity and repurposed big-box stores could be on the horizon, with areas in Lake, Porter and La Porte Counties identified as being uniquely positioned for growth in these areas.