Indiana Bicentennial Commission Approves Two Legacy Projects in Porter County

Image Provided by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission.

Image Provided by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission.

More than 90 Legacy Projects were recently approved by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission during its June meeting and two are in Porter County. Ken Kosky, Indiana Bicentennial Commission Porter County Coordinator, reports the Bicentennial Nature Center Network has expanded in Porter County to include the Shirley Heinze Land Trust, which supports the Children of Indiana Bicentennial Park environmental education program, and develops a local environment child-focused bicentennial celebration.

Meanwhile, the 13th Annual Gardening Show plans to celebrate the Bicentennial with the theme “Celebrating Our Roots – Growing Our Future”, sponsored by Purdue University Cooperative Extension and Porter County Master Gardeners, the Gardening Show will be a celebration featuring a keynote speech by Roy Diblik, author and native perennials expert, as well as sessions about maintaining habitats for our state bird, the cardinal, and cultivation of our state flower, the peony, as well as the history and contribution of Purdue University Extension to counties throughout the state.

If your organization would like to create a Legacy Project for the Bicentennial, please contact your local county coordinator, Ken Kosky, at [email protected] or visit . Legacy Project applications are considered for approval at every meeting of the Indiana Bicentennial Commission. A few examples of how cities, towns and organizations can participate include a flower garden in the shape of Indiana, a bicentennial-themed museum exhibit or a bicentennial-themed festival (either new or existing).

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