Frontline Foundations will Continue to serve Valpo residents Despite Closing Clinic

(Image provided by Frontline Foundations)

Since 2009, faith-based, Frontline Foundations has served over 500 young Valparaiso men and women in need of substance abuse treatment.

On Tuesday the organization announced that it will close its doors as of July 1st, but Frontline’s Development Direction Derek Frazier told the Region News Team that the closing is a good thing for the program,  “In order to remain one of the most cost-effective treatment programs available, Frontline has recently centralized its Porter County locations.”

(Derek Frazier, recording a Region Newsmakers interview at Adams Radio Group Valparaiso studios)
(Derek Frazier, recording a Region Newsmakers interview at Adams Radio Group Valparaiso studios)

Frazier said the organization will no longer maintain their rented Valparaiso satellite office so, “clients will simply transition their services to our rent-free Chesterton or La Porte locations.”

Frazier added that centralizing their office locations and resources by county not only allows them to be 100% rent-free, “we can also allow for greater program expansion so Frontline can now offer multiple groups simultaneously including Family Group, Art and Music Recovery Programs at both of our office locations.”

Frontline has recently been selected as one of the five non-profit recipients to receive funding from the city of Valparaiso Mayor’s Community Barbeque for Charity coming in September.  Frazier said while the city knew of their plans, they continue to support their service plus, the funds will go to underwrite the cost of clinical intakes for Valparaiso residents, “we will continue to serve Valparaiso residents, as well as other Porter County residents and offer to continue our cost-effective treatment services to anyone who needs help.”

Frazier also said that Frontline is seeking funding and exploring transportation models that would pickup clients in Valparaiso, or Portage or those who need it and hope to have something “exciting to announce soon.”

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