February is Earthquake Awareness Month

February is Earthquake Awareness Month and state officials say Indiana is near two seismic zones that have the potential to produce major earthquakes and many small quakes. “About 2,000 tremors occur daily in the central United States, underscoring the need for all Hoosiers to know earthquake safety,” a news release from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security said.
“Hoosiers need to Get ShakIN’ to be aware of the risk and prepare for a substantial quake.” If an earthquake were to strike, the agency says Hoosiers should stop what they are doing and:
• Drop where they are, onto their hands and knees,
• Cover their head and neck with one arm and hand and crawl for shelter under a nearby table or desk (sturdy piece of furniture), and
• Hold On to the shelter with their free hand until the earthquake stops.

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To encourage students to take an active role in learning earthquake safety the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is launching the Get ShakIN’ video contest. School-aged Hoosiers K-thru-12 have the chance to win their class or group what’s known as a Raspberry Shake® seismograph to use for a year to track seismic activity worldwide. The contest is open now. Video entries will be accepted until Aug. 31, 2023. Additional information about the video contest and earthquake safety is on the GetShakIN’ webpage .