Company Launches Campaign for Self-Driving Luggage

Just when we’re starting to get used to the idea of self-driving cars, Westwood One Correspondent Michael Toscano tells us we have to cope with self-driving luggage. A California company has launched an Indiegogo campaign for an autonomous suitcase that it says will dutifully follow you. There’s no need to grab its handle and drag it along. The suitcase stays three to five feet behind a person by tracking the location of their smartphone. It moves either upright, or while laying on its side. The company…Travelmate Robotics…will sell its suitcases in three sizes…selling for 399-dollars…495 and 595. It tops out at 6.75 mph. The prototype uses an infrared sensor to detect and avoid objects. But the final version, which ships next year, is expected to have a different sensor, perhaps a camera or radar.