Alycia Tassone

“Let That Girl Rock N Roll!”  Alycia’s dad got her started on classic rock at an early age!  Another born-and-raised Region jock, she got her start in radio while attending St. Joseph’s College in Rensselaer.  And she’s a real multi-tasker, kicking out the afternoon jams in the studio while pointing out the jams on the Region’s roads!

Alycia Tassone’s: Ten Bands I Wish I Could Have Seen Live in Their Prime
1.      Deep Purple
2.      Chicago
3.      Journey
4.      Rare Earth
5.      Spirit
6.      Doobie Brothers
7.      Yes
8.      UFO
9.      Kansas
10.     Styx (I would have loved to see them play Plexiglas Toilet)


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