7 Important, Tense Moments From the Townhall Debate

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7 Important, Tense Moments From the Townhall Debate A Palpable Sense of Dislike Text: There were plenty of "moments" in the Tuesday night townhall debate. President Obama regained some of the footing he lost with what was universally regarded as a poor performance at the first presidential debate Oct. 3rd. Here are some of the more important and tense moments in what turned out to be an engaging face-off between the president and his challenger. "There was a palpable sense of dislike" in the room, according to ABC's White House correspondent Jake Tapper. Without replaying the whole debate – we leave off key sections about immigration, the auto bailout and more. To the right is a single video recap. And on the subsequent slides are some of the most important, humorous, and contentious moments of the townhall debate at Hofstra on Oct. 17th.

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