Poker Star Phil Ivey in $11M Gambling Dispute

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PHOTO: Phil Ivey Poker Star Phil Ivey in $11M Gambling Dispute Phil Ivey's $11.5 million gambling win: Was it Banco--or bunko? That's the question being asked in London, as authorities try to determine if trickery or cheating played any role in the American poker star's fabulous winning streak at a game called Punto Banco.Punto Banco--a variant of baccarat--is similar to Chemin de Fer (James Bond's preferred card game), according to London's Daily Mail, which describes it as a high-stakes game favored by high-rollers. Lance Bradley, editor in chief of poker magazine Bluff, calls Punto Banco a game in which skill plays no role whatsoever: winners win and losers lose, strictly by the luck of the draw.

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