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With a foundation built around comedy and talk, The Bob and Tom Show features news, sports, lifestyle content, and interviews with today’s top actors, authors and newsmakers. More than just a comedy show, Bob and Tom also feature live performances from singers, songwriters, and musicians coming from all genres of music.

The show has won five Marconi Awards…the absolute highest award in radio from the National Association of Broadcasters. The Bob and Tom Show has released well over 50 comedy CD’s and DVD’s. The show also has produced specials for Comedy Central and present live comedy concerts nationwide via The Canadian Mist Bob and Tom Comedy All-Stars.


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X-Rock 103.9 Biography: SCOTT ROSENBERG
Born in:
Hammond, IN
High school:  Portage class of '81 (but was born and raised a Brickie fan)
Favorite bands and artists:  Jethro Tull, The Pretty Things, Black Sabbath, UFO, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper
Album I think you should hear:  Pretty Things “Parachute” 
Best concert ever:  Black and Blue, with Sabbath and BOC in 1981, Chicago Amphitheater
Teenage hangouts:  Portage and Hobart game rooms, Hegewisch Records (mostly Merrillville), US 30 Dragstrip, Luigi's Pizza in Hobart.
Things I did as a kid:  Collected Wacky Packages and beer cans... listen to my brother's and sisters' records (until I got a job and started buying my own)... pretended I was a disk jockey... watched way too much TV... pretended I was Ron Santo during whiffle ball games... watched way too much Cubs (which is why I'm so fragile today)... read comics, monster mags and hot rod magazines.


KBListen to KB Mon-Fri 3PM-8PM!

X-Rock 103.9 Biography: K.B.
Born in:
 Valparaiso, IN
High school:  Valparaiso High School (Class of '95).
Favorite bands and artists:  Steely Dan, Yes, Pink Floyd, Doobie Brothers, The Zombies, ELP, Gentle Giant, Hatfield and the North, Caravan, Joe Cocker, Grand Funk Railroad, Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, Soul Coughing, Ween.
Album I think you should hear:  A Band of Bees "Sunshine Hit Me", Mother Hips "Kiss The Crystal Flake", Planetary Blues "Once Upon a Time in the South Loop", Freek Johnson "make it stop", Chester Brown (self-titled), The Diggity "Human Skills".
Best concert ever: Stevie Wonder @ Taste of Chicago (2008), Steely Dan @ Alpine Valley (1996 Art Crimes Tour), Yes @ Star Plaza Theatre (1997).
Teenage hangouts: Wright's Barnyard, Inman's, Red Hot, General Cinema, Southlake Mall (Aladdin's Castle Arcade), Azar's Big Boy, Hegewisch Records, Comiskey Park.
Things I did as a kid: (It must be said that "age is just a number"; I'll always be a kid at heart, but in terms of earlier years):  Geeked around with audio and video equipment, became way cultured in music of all kinds, played 1-on-1 with Walter Payton in front of 5,000 people at age 10 (and even sank a few shots!), outdoor neighborhood sports, practiced all of Michael Jackson's moves from his music videos, did impressions of famous people and family members, did all of the performance artsy-fartsy stuff in school.


cat waluszkoLaura brings you the news every weekday!

X-Rock 103.9 Biography: LAURA WALUSZKO
On the air: News during Bob & Tom and middays
High school:  River Forest
Favorite bands and artists:  The Firm, ELO,Foreigner, REO, Genesis, Def Leppard
Album I think you should hear:  LPs from the K-Tel collection
Favorite guilty pleasure song: Anything Bee Geesfrom Saturday Night Fever soundtrack
Favorite retro TV shows:  The Honeymooners, Star Trek
Favorite kids show:  Game shows (remember when it was $10,000 Pyramid?)
Favorite retro movies:  Airplane, Star Wars
First job:  Fast food
Things I did as a kid:  Watched game shows


cat stevensJay does the News every day on X-Rock 103.9!

Jay Stevens anchors afternoon updates on X-Rock 103.9 from Northwest Indiana’s Newsroom. Jay gives the information you need to know with local newscasts that focus on the region. X-Rock 103.9 listeners count on Jay to update them on current traffic conditions during the Region Road Reports. He has worked at great radio stations all across the country and is glad to use that experience to inform listeners in Northwest Indiana.


cat brownBrent Brown brings you the News daily on X-Rock 103.9!

Brent was born and raised in Michigan, just outside the Port Huron area.
After earning an Associate's Degree from St. Clair County Community College and a broadcasting degree from Specs Howard School of Media Arts, he has spent the last 6 years working at radio stations in Michigan, Illinois, and now Indiana.

When he's not focusing his efforts on bringing you the region's news, Brent enjoys rooting for all of his favorite Detroit sports teams, as well as watching movies and slapping his bass guitar.



cat cooper3Nights with Alice Cooper on X-Rock 103.9!

Known as the architect of shock-rock, Alice (in both the original Alice Cooper band and as a solo artist) has rattled the cages and undermined the authority of generations of guardians of the status quo, continuing to surprise fans and exude danger at every turn, like a great horror movie, even in an era where CNN can present real life shocking images.

Of course, if you ask Alice about HIS influence on so many artists, when you recount the story of how a young Johnny Rotten auditioned for the Sex Pistols by singing "I'm Eighteen," or you try to list the many bands that have followed through the doors he opened, you might get told "don't blame me for all of them!"

With a schedule that includes six months of every year on the road, Alice Cooper is bringing his own brand of rock psycho-drama to fans both old and new, and enjoying it as much as the audience does. Alice insists he's still motivated to continue touring and making albums, as well as making time for such side projects as Cooper'stown (his Phoenix-based restaurant/sports bar), his Alice Cooper: Golf Monster book, and his Nights With Alice Cooper nightly radio show.



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