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EMS crews from Lakes of the Four Seasons joined Hebron rescue and Porter County EMS crews responding to a two vehicle accident with injuries in front of the Walgreens in hebron near State Rd. 2 and US-231.  The first call went out around 3:45p.m. Monday afternoon.  Drivers may want to take an alternate to State Rd 2 and US-231 through Hebron at this time. 



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Right Lane Restrictions both Directions of I-65 http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/103788-right-lane-restrictions-both-directions-of-i-65.html http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/103788-right-lane-restrictions-both-directions-of-i-65.html Drivers can expect possible backups both directions of I-65 as the right lane is restricted both directions near Ridge Rd. for daytime road work, which usually wraps up by 4:30-5:00p.m. the southbound direction, to to peak rush hour volume.  The northbound direction reopens somewhat later.  INDOT is expecting the work to last about another three weeks.



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Crash Closes 2 Left Lanes WB 80/94 near Calumet Ave. http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/103120-crash-closes-2-left-lanes-wb-8094-near-calumet-ave.html http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/103120-crash-closes-2-left-lanes-wb-8094-near-calumet-ave.html 11-22-13  Rollover WB Borman

All lanes westbound on the Borman/I-80/94 is backing up from Cline Avnue due to a crash that is blocking two left lanes near Calumet Avenue.  Traffic tipsters are reporting that a vehicle has flipped over and is on its side on the inside shoulder/wall just past Calumet Avenue.  Emergency crews are on the scene.  Drivers should expect possible backups and delays.


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All Lanes Southbound I-65 Closed at US-231 http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/88075-all-lanes-southbound-i-65-closed-at-us-231.html http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/88075-all-lanes-southbound-i-65-closed-at-us-231.html SB I-65 closed at US-231

INDOT is reporting that all lanes southbound I-65 closed between US-231, the Crown Point exit and State Road 2 the Lowell eixt due to a crash.  Drivers can take us-231 west to State Rd. 55 or east as an alternate.

(Photo:  INDOT traffic cam shows Southbound I-65 traffic being exited off US-231, Crown Point exit due to crash reportedly about 4 miles north of the State Rd. 2 Lowell exit)



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Traffic Hazard Northbound Lanes I-65 near US-231 http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/88054-traffic-hazard-northbound-lanes-i-65-near-us-231.html http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/88054-traffic-hazard-northbound-lanes-i-65-near-us-231.html Traffic-Alert

INDOT is advising motorists to use caution, a large generator has somehoe fallen off a truck and is blocking all lanes northbound I-65 just south of the US-231 Crown Point exit.  Drivers need to be alert of stopping vehicles ahead.





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Typical Friday Afternoon Slow-go Eastbound Borman http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/88025-typical-friday-afternoon-slow-go-eastbound-borman.html http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/88025-typical-friday-afternoon-slow-go-eastbound-borman.html Drivers headed toward toward Indiana coming off the Bishop Ford or the Tri-State, or coming in from westbound I-80 are encountering an all lane slowdown heading eastbound.  INDOT is reporting just a heavy volume issue is causing the delay.  Or, typical Friday afternoon volume that will only contiue to build.



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Night time road work on I-65 http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/85354-night-time-road-work-on-i-65.html http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/85354-night-time-road-work-on-i-65.html INDOT reports that road paving work will continue in the Southbound lanes of I-65 between US-231 (Crown Point exit) and State Rd. 2 (Lowell exit) between 8 p.m. CDT Wednesday (9/24/13) and around 8 a.m. CDT Thursday (9/25/13) morning.  Drivers can expect only one lane to be open during the effected hours.  In addition, alternating lane restrictions are possible in the northbound lanes as well.

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More night time road work Eastbound Borman http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/85318-more-night-time-road-work-eastbound-borman.html http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/85318-more-night-time-road-work-eastbound-borman.html According to INDOT, starting at 7 p.m. CDT Wednesday (9/25/13) evening three left lanes eastbound on the Borman (I-80/94) will be closed between Exit 2; Indianapolis Blvd. and Exit 5; Cline Ave. (near Hammond) until about 7 a.m. Thursday (9/26/13) morning for road construction work.

Details at:  http://www.in.gov/indot/


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SoJourner Truth House http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/49668-sojourner-truth-house.html http://www.xrock1039.com/index.php/on-air/jay-stevens/93-jays-blog/49668-sojourner-truth-house.html SoJourner Truth House represents hope and help for homeless and at-risk women and their children in the Gary community.  Named after an escaped/freed slave who became an abolitionist, preacher, speaker, singer and champion of women's rights, SoJourner Truth even helped president Abraham Lincoln recruit black troops for the Union Army during the war between the states.  The facility also operates a food pantry that serves around 1,500 persons each month.

SoJourner Truth w Abe Lincoln










SoJourner Truth with Abraham Lincoln

    (photo in public domain)

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