Man Cited After Entering Borman Work Zone

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In Hammond early this morning a Indiana State Police at Lowell say a 23-year-old Beecher, Illinois man who told troopers he was out celebrating the evening before was arrested in the overnight work zone on the east bound Borman Expressway east of Calumet Avenue. Shortly before 3:30 am, officials say a state police sergeant working traffic security for the overnight work saw a Ford Explorer drive in between the construction barrels behind her and stop to talk to a construction worker in his vehicle. The exit lane, right and right middle lanes were closed in this area for the overnight construction leaving the left two lanes open for motoring traffic. Troopers say the area was well posted, with signage, barrels, traffic control devices, construction workers and vehicles. Police say the sergeant was sitting in the right middle lane in construction with all of her emergency lights activated less than ½ mile from the workers up ahead, and as she watched the Explorer come up behind her she thought he might have been a worker until she realized his vehicle didn’t have an amber light on it. The Explorer passed her police car, officials say, and was approaching a construction semi-tanker loaded with water sitting in right lane as she took off after it. The semi was blocking the Explorer when it attempted to move to the right middle lane to get around it, police say, and the semi was able to maneuver itself to block the Explorer as the sergeant approached to stop it; as there were workers out working in front of the semi.  Police say the driver of the Explorer was cited for Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device in a Work Zone and Operating While Intoxicated Refusal and was taken to the Lake County Jail.


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