Teen Arrested on Molestation Charge

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michigan city police
Michigan City Police today announced an 18-year-old man hss been arrested at the Blue Chip Casino hotel on a charge of child molesting. Authorities say police were dispatched last Wednesday afternoon to meet with Indiana Gaming Commission Agents and Blue Chip security on the report of an eleven-year-old girl missing from Michigan. Authorities say the missing girl was located in the company of the suspect inside a hotel room.  Both were reported to have minor injuries. Police say this is an ongoing investigation covering two states and several law enforcement jurisdictions, and future charges are possible.
Here is the news release from Michigan City Police:
Wednesday October 9th, 2013 about 1:45PM Michigan City Police were dispatched to Blue Chip hotel to meet with Indiana Gaming Commission Agents and Blue Chip security. This was to locate an 11year old female that was reported missing from the state of Michigan.
      Upon arrival law enforcement went to the room, it was confirmed to be occupied but police got no cooperation from the occupants of the room.  Facts were confirmed again and entry had to be forced into the room.
      Once inside a missing 11yr old was located and she was in the company of an 18 year old male named Daniel Ivan Cabrera-Pozadas, both had minor injuries and the juvenile was transported to Franciscan St. Anthony hospital and later interviewed by the Michigan City Police department.
     There was an indication that there may have been sexual activity that occurred in the room and Cabrera-Pozadas was taken to the Michigan City police department where he was charged with Child Molesting Class B Felony in Laporte Superior Court #1.  Cabrera-Pozadas was later transferred to the hospital for treatment.
      This is an ongoing investigation that covers two states and several law enforcement jurisdictions. Future charges are possible.
      The case has been assigned to Detective Jillian Ashley.
      Arrested parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. 


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