LaPorte Police 2013 Traffic Safety Report

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LaPorte PD
Police in LaPorte have put together a list of some 2013 traffic statistics. Police report so far in 2013, the most dangerous intersections in LaPorte are East Lincolnway and Boyd Boulevard, with eleven crashes, Lincolnway and Michigan Avenue, with eight crashes, and Lincolnway and Indiana Avenue, with seven crashes. In 2013, from January 1st through September 25th, LaPorte Police report they have investigated 361 property damage crashes and 82 person injury crashes, 20 of which were alcohol related.
Other dangerous intersections in LaPorte this year are:
• Pine Lake Av. & Waverly Rd. with five crashes.
• US 35 & SR 39 and US 35 & Boyd Blvd. with four crashes each.
• Pine Lake Av. & Williams St.; Pine Lake Avenue & Truesdell Av.; 18th St. & A Street; and Indiana Av./Jefferson Av. with three crashes each.
Officers from the La Porte Police Department worked 21 hours of Operation Pull Over funded seat belt patrols in September, writing 41 citations and 26 warnings, including 36 citations for seat belt violations. These patrols wrap Operation Pull Over activities for the current federal fiscal year which ends on September 30, 2013.
We are pleased to announce that the La Porte Police Department has received an Operation Pull Over grant in the amount of $22,500.00 for 2014, which will fund approximately 700 hours of dangerous driving, impaired driving and seat belt patrols.
Operation Pull Over is a traffic safety program which targets impaired driving, seat belt and child restraint violations and dangerous driving. Types of dangerous driving activities that are targeted include speeding, stop sign/signal violations, aggressive driving and distracted driving.
According to NHTSA, motorists that text while driving are 23 times more likely to be in a crash. While texting is probably the distracted driving behavior that we most commonly think of, there are many other sources of distractions including eating and drinking; pets and passengers; grooming activities and radio/climate control adjustments to name a few. Please give your driving your full attention at all times.
It is important to note that there are really three different major categories of distracted driving.
1. Manual – taking your hands off the wheel.
2. Visual – taking your eyes off the road.
3. Cognitive – taking your mind off driving.
To continue the downward trend in traffic crashes and injuries, we ask for the public’s help and commitment. We encourage all motorists who use our community's roadways to drive safely, buckle up and choose never to drive impaired or distracted.


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