Call To Hotline Tips Police to Suspected Drug Activity

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On Thursday, April 4th, at approximately 12:38 pm, the Lake County Police responded to the residence at 648 New Jersey Street in the Aetna section of Gary reference to information provided on the Lake County Sheriff’s Department Tipline indicating there is suspected drug activity at that location. 
Upon arrival at the location, officers discovered the rear door of the residence to be standing open and could not raise any occupants to come to the door.  Officers noticed an extremely foul odor coming from the home.   Observations made through the open back door included children’s clothing laid throughout the residence.  The residence smelled of filth, and observed urine, feces, rat/mouse droppings, and molded food. 
Officers entered the building due to the circumstances to secure a possible crime scene.  They found no one to be home.  Officers located in plain view marijuana and pills.  The marijuana field tested positive.  A total gross weight of 113.5 grams was confiscated.  There was morphine pills along with other prescription medications as well as field test confirmed PCP.
Admitted gang member Daniel P. Thomas was located in the area who indicated he was the occupant of the residence and was arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute and incarcerated in the Lake County Jail.  Contact was made with Code Enforcement for the City of Gary and the Building Commissioner Steven Marcus.  Mr. Marcus advised that the residence was inhabitable and ordered the City to board up the residence immediately. 
Contact was also made with Lake County Department of Child Services due to the children living in the residence.  An investigation will ensue with that agency.  An area resident indicated there were at least four children living in the home and other children were brought there for babysitting services.
Sheriff Buncich stated, “We continue to encourage other area residents to call the Hotline.  If you see something like this in your neighborhood, please call us and we will see what we can do.”  Lake County Sheriff’s Department Tipline telephone number is 1-800-750-2746.
Daniel Thomas Sr
Daniel P. Thomas
(photo provided by Lake County Sheriff's Department
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