Burned Business Looking for Bride in Alaska

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There's a bride-to-be in Alaska who doesn't know her wedding dress is gone. That's one of the stories to come out of a devastating fire that consumed a number of businesses housed in a century-old two-story brick building Monday in downtown Valparaiso, at Lincolnway and Michigan.  Anita's Alterations was one of those businesses – after being there 22 years, the owner Anita Hall tells us their customer contact information and the back ups were all lost -- and they're trying to reach everyone, including a bride-to-be who's thousands of miles away:
"Before Christmas I had a young woman bring in a beautiful bride's gown and she was leaving to go to Alaska for several months, would not be back until March for her wedding and left it with me in my care,  to alter and have ready for her when she got back. I do not have that young woman's name or family member's name of any sort. If anybody would know of someone that was coming back in March to get married from Alaska, we certainly would love to be able to get a hold of her and figure out what we could do to help her. "
Hall also tells us she's gotten a call from customers offering to donate wedding gowns:
"There have been one or two people that have called that have said that they have had things altered by me in the past years and have held on to them and if people are in need of a special wedding gown, in this case for instance, they would happy to offer this gown to them."
Hall says she's asking all her customers to call her regular business number to get in touch with her -- 219-477-5307.  She also says they are planning to be opening again.


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