One More Trip for RV 1, to RV Hall of Fame

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News Release (Governor's Office):

INDIANAPOLIS (December 18, 2012) – Governor Mitch Daniels will take a final trip Wednesday on RV One, his legendary campaign vehicle that took him from one corner of the state to another and everywhere in between. Since 2003 the governor has visited every Indiana county at least five times, and in 2004 alone, he logged tens of thousands of miles on the RV traveling the state.

“This vehicle somehow took on a unique place in Indiana lore. I still get asked about it everywhere, and I learned long ago that people were much more interested in seeing it than seeing me,” said Daniels. “I believe RV One achieved this status because it stands for two ideas:  That government should be open, approachable, and accessible to the citizens it serves; and that we care about every person and every corner of this state, that we are in this together and always will be.”

The vehicle is the only RV (that we know of) to have its own reality TV show. Since Daniels became governor in 2005 he has continued traveling to all parts of Indiana, including his practice of staying in Hoosier homes while he is on the road. Since 2005, he has logged 125 overnights.

He’s also visited Lake County 77 times, Vanderburgh County 70 times, Allen County 60 times, Tippecanoe 59, and St. Joseph and Vigo, 50 times each, since 2005. On average, the governor has visited every county 18 times since 2003.

Daniels is donating RV One to the Indiana State Museum. It will be on display at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart.

On the final trek, this one straight north on U.S. 31, Daniels will be joined by several former staff members and volunteers involved in his 2004 campaign. They will drive the RV from Indianapolis to Elkhart and make a couple stops along the way. The governor will give remarks and hand over the keys to the RV One during a brief ceremony Wednesday afternoon at the RV Hall of Fame.



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