Caller Wants Answers from BP

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We're getting of not getting through to, or not getting answers, from the BP customer service line as residents of northwest Indiana are wondering if they got some bad gas... gas that BP America is recalling from area fuel distributors, gas they say was shipped from the Whiting fuel storage terminal between August 13th and August 17th.   Ruth Matson of Valparaiso says her two sons' vehicles are now in the shop , her own vehicle, so far so good... but she's concerned.  She says she waited for 25 minutes on hold, listening to a message that said they were having experiencing problems with the phone system, and that some representatives will not be skilled to assist and that the company would call back. 
A statement from the company said they are going through their shipping records and contacting Northwest Indiana customers who may have loaded tanker trucks at the storage terminal during this period and replacing contaminated fuel with fresh product. 
We do not have a list of affected gas stations, but Matson said a customer service representative told her that Shell stations, because they're an entity of their own, would be one of the gas stations that would not buy BP gas.  We have not yet independently confirmed that through Shell.
At 11:30 am  CDT today, the company told us an updated statement was coming out soon, but did not specify when.

Here is the statement sent out earlier:
BP is alerting Northwest Indiana fuel distributors that the company is recalling unleaded regular gasoline that was shipped from the company’s Whiting, Indiana fuel storage terminal between August 13th and 17th.
The company believes that fuel stored in a tank at the storage depot could cause hard starting, stalling and other drivability issues. The fuel may have been purchased by motorists patronizing BP and other retail outlets in Northwest Indiana during the past seven days.
BP is committed to fuel quality and guarantees every gallon of gasoline we sell.  Any customer who’s vehicle has experienced these symptoms during this period should contact BP’s customer hotline at 1-800-333-3991.
The company is going through its shipping records and contacting Northwest Indiana customers who may have loaded tanker trucks at the storage terminal during this period and is replacing the contaminated fuel with fresh product.
We would like to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused some of our customers.


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