20 Vehicles in I-65 Crashes

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10:40am-- Indiana State Police report as many as twenty vehicles involved in three separate crashes this morning, closing both lanes of I-65 between mile markers 230 and 220 in Jasper County. One southbound lane could reopen shortly, northbound lanes likely to be closed for a few more hours. Jasper County Coroner Andy Boersma confirmed one fatality earlier today.  Authorities say smoke from a nearby fire and fog apparently combined to obscure visiblility along the interstate. The accidents happened around 7:15 am (CDT). Troopers report one twelve-vehicle crash on the northbound side of the interstate near mile marker 227.  Indiana State Police say it appears there may have at least two other separate crashes on the southbound side, one involving six vehicles, the other two vehicles.
10:30am -- The Indiana Department of Transportation on their Northwest Twitter feed this morning reported the highway closed between mile markers 230 and 220 after a nearby farm fire caused multiple crashes. We received unconfirmed reports in the newsroom of a smoldering hay fire that was causing visibility problems along the interstate this morning and yesterday..
840am -- A ten-mile stretch of Interstate 65 in northwest Indiana remains closed and will likely for closed for some time today. We're told multiple helicopters, injured being taken from accident scene on I-65 near Demotte/Roselawn exit, also we have word of one confirmed fatality from Jasper County Coroner Andy Boersma. Several vehicles are involved, possibly upwards of twelve or more. Unknown at this time if the situation involved one or multiple separate accidents. We've been told smoke from a fire in the vicinity hampered visibility in the vicinity. Indiana State Police say expect lane closures for much of the day.
8 AM -- Indiana State Police Lowell District say both directions of I-65 are shut down this morning, specifically... the northbound lanes are closed at mile marker 220, the southbound lanes lanes at mile marker 230. This is near the Demotte/Roselawn exit.  Police say there's an accident between those two points, plus visibility is hampered by fog and smoke from a nearby fire. The accident is in the northbound lanes, near mile marker 227.
Fire crews in the Demotte area are reportedly responding to a smoldering hay fire a couple miles east of the interstate.


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