New Notary Law to Help Ind Natl Guard

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connie lawson
Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson is applauding changes to notary law approved by the most recent General Assembly and taking effect this July first. Governor Pence has signed House Enrolled Act 10-41, which gives National Guard officers authority to notarize documents for soldiers preparing for deployment. Over the past year, Indiana National Guard members preparing to serve overseas have had difficulty getting deployment documents notarized. In the past National Guard officers were able to authenticate the documents, but last year the Department of Defense informed the Indiana National Guard that this was no longer allowed unless there was a change in state law.
“When the National Guard told me about the difficulty soldiers were experiencing trying to get documents notarized before deployment, I immediately went to work to simplify the process,” said Secretary Lawson. “I realized that if we could give military members notary powers for National Guard related documents that our service men and women wouldn’t have to jump extra hoops. When I told state Representative Doug Gutwein about the issue, he agreed to carry the bill, and I thank him for all of his hard work.
“It is my hope that this new law will ease some of the burden for our service members as they prepare to leave their home and family behind to serve our country. I commend Governor Pence, Representative Gutwein, and Senator Allen Paul for their support in this effort.”  The change in the law will be effective July 1, 2014. It will allow the Adjutant General or a designee to notarize service-related documents for active and reserve members of the Indiana National Guard.
Secretary Lawson is responsible for approving the application of anyone wishing to be a notary public in the State of Indiana. For more information on how to become a notary public, please visit


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