EB I-94 Reopens, Crash Probe Could Take Months

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Indiana State Police say the investigation into a massive deadly pileup on I-94 in blinding snow near Michigan City Thursday afternoon could take months to complete. Police say approximately 46 vehicles were involved - 18 semis, two straight trucks, and the rest passenger vehicles, pickup trucks and SUV's. At a news conference this morning, Indiana State Police Sgt. Ann Wojas says foremost in the thoughts of everyone gathered is their concern for families of the deceased and everyone who was injured.
 Three people killed have been identified as 65-year-old Jerry Dalrymple of Chicago, and 67-year-old Thomas Wolma, and his wife, 65-year-old Marilyn Wolma of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Officials say Dalrymple's dog, a black Lab, also died in the crash. More than twenty people were hurt, and State Police say two people, a 79-year-old Merrillville man and a 48-year-old Michigan man, were critically injured. The Michigan man was the last person to be extricated and he was flown to a Chicago-area hospital.
 Officials say snow and white-out conditions played a part.
"It'll live with us forever," said Chief Mick
 Pawlik from the Coolspring Volunteer Fire Department, "that's something that you'll never forget."  Pawlick says he knew when he was going on to the scene it was going to be bad: "Well a lot of times you can tell, believe it or not, by the tone of the dispatcher's voice, and going out there, we knew what we were going to have and we started calling for mutual aid right off the bat. "  Pawlick was among the first on the scene.
Eastbound Interstate 94 was shut down from State Road 49 in Portage to the LaPorte area after the accident.  Eastbound lanes of the interstate reopened during the mid-morning hours today. 


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