Arby's Manager Flees Robber, Is Fired

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Arby's Manager Flees Robber, Is Fired Arby's Manager Flees Robber, Is Fired An Arby's Restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, has fired its assistant general manager after she had to jump through the store's drive-through window to escape a knife-wielding robber. What's Arby's beef? Archer, the company says, violated a company rule. According to the Dayton Daily News, assistant manager Mary Archer had been closing up the store when the incident occurred. In an exclusive interview with News Center 7 of Dayton, she said her last co-worker had just left for the night when she heard the doorbell ring.Thinking it was her co-worker returning to pick up something she'd forgotten, Archer unlocked the door, only to find herself confronted by a robber with a knife who repeatedly shouted, "Give me the money."

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